Kids Yoga

I believe yoga should be accessible to all ages.  Yoga for children provides a way for kids to learn how to manage stress, cope with social issues, body image or special conditions.  Throughout the year I offer regular kids yoga programs by age group, teen yoga and private yoga for children or small groups by appointment. I also offer yoga in schools, yoga for athletes and wellness education for faculty and staff.  If you are interested in bringing yoga to your school, contact Jenny!  My intention is for your child to improve their quality of life! 

Our mantra: "Calm Kids. Happy Kids. Healthy Kids."


Kids Yoga (Ages 8-12)

The kids classes are limited to 10 students.  In these themed classes kids learn how to relax with meditation and breathing techniques, practice fun yoga poses, play games and create yoga related arts and crafts. Kids will feel more calm, more aware of their bodies and their actions.  Future dates TBA.


Anxious to AwesomeTM

Jenny is certified and authorized to teach the A2A program, by Global Family Yoga. The program is described as follows:

“Everyone experiences feelings of stress and worry at times. When it begins to get in the way of your daily routine and compromises the quality of life, it’s time to take action. Missing school because of worry induced tummy aches and head aches, not joining in social activities due to anxious feelings and dealing with sleepless nights is no way to live.

Worry and stress are among the biggest concerns for kids today. Learn to root out the cause of anxious feelings with fun, easy to use tools and keep the worries away. “-Mira Binzen, Owner of Global Family Yoga, Yoga Therapist

Call for an appointment to book group sessions for your school or organization.

therapeutic yoga for children

Private Therapeutic Yoga for Children

Private Therapeutic yoga  for children can help with the following conditions:

Autism, Sensory Disorders, ADD/ADHD, Allergies & Asthma, Anxiety, Depression, Digestion 

Please contact Jenny to schedule a private lesson for your child or group of children who you feel would benefit from private yoga.  Appointments can be made in the studio if times are available, or off-site at your home, school or health facility. Jenny also offers professional development sessions for adults who work with children.  

Global Family Yoga

We are an affiliate of Global Family Yoga, a world renowned yoga school specializing in yoga for children and families.  Jenny Dayton, RYT was certified through their summer intensive advanced yoga for children training in July 2017.